Arden Films is proud to present its second feature documentary Zeus Almighty in its three-part history of the spiritual lives of the peoples living in the European, Mediterranean and Near Eastern world, in the Age of Aires, beginning at about 2,000 BC.

This production too, was shot entirely on location over a three-year period. A good portion of it was filmed in Greece, Delphi, Dodona and Macedonia.  Much of the background footage was shot on Mount Olympus capturing the very peak of Mythicas, the home of the Olympians.  Not far from the altar to Zeus we found busts of the gods along the rim of a mountain seen for the first time in perhaps 2,000 years.  The other location sites are at Ephesus in Turkey, Palmyra in Syria and Newgrange and Louchrew in Ireland.  click to continue

The Age of Aries

2000 BC - 1 AD

Arden documentary Film Zeus Almighty is shot on location at Mount Olympus, in Greece, Delphi, Dodona, and Macedonia   

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John W. McCluskey





The Age of Aries (The Ram)

Approximately 2500-300 BC



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