Arden Communications is proud to announce the theatrically edited version of its amazing feature documentary, “When the Goddess Ruled the Earth”. This documentary in its original uncut version was launched not long ago by the Irish government from Parliament House in Dublin.


The production was made entirely on location over an eight-year period throughout Europe and the Near East.  It takes viewers from the early Stone Age into the later agricultural civilizations in the Near East through the Hellenic Greek Goddess revival period of about 325 BC into earliest Christianity and into today.  It presents substantial evidence of from where and when a large portion of the Irish people migrated from with their Greek goddess culture and mountain top temples. Exact locations and time frames are identified, as well as the reasons this all took place.

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The Age of Taurus

4000 - 2000 BC

When the Goddess Ruled the Earth film takes us from the early Stone Age to the Hellenic Greek Goddess revival period.

The Age of Taurus (The Bull)

Approximately 4700-2500 BC

When the Goddess Ruled the Earth

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