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The Age of Pisces

1 AD - Today

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John W. McCluskey





The Age of Pisces (The Fish)

Approximately 300 BC to Now

A Stand Up/Mega Rock Production

in association with Arden Films © 2011, a John W. McCluskey production

The film focuses on the Hellenistic Jewish origins of Christianity, its ties to the Eleusinian mysteries of the Greeks and details its certain influence on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The facts presented have been taken from evidence recently uncovered at an ancient Greek temple at a mountain top settlement in Ireland.

Christianity has been brought to an all time low, taken there by pedophiles, social scientists and get rich quick hucksters with over 20,000 sects and denominations singing their own custom written musicals touting salvation through happiness and wealth. ....When suddenly from out of the blue...a bolt of lightning flung. directly from a remote mountain top temple in Ireland...... the truth of Christ's message of salvation becomes clarified...crystal clear forever more.

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