Nostradamus 2012 prophesies, the predictions of Nostradamus confirm that women will change the world in the new age of Aquarius

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In 1503 in France, a quite ordinary man was born who in time became the most widely known prophet in recent times...his name was Nostradamus... Very recently a book was found bearing the name Nostradamus at a library in Rome revealing far more coming events... illustrated with very amazing and telling artwork.


The work many believe reveals even more predictions of Nostradamus of the events to come, including when the world will end. The book reveals the 911 catastrophe of 2001, to include destruction by explosives of the World Trade Center in a city described as the "New City" by Nostradamus.  The art work is complete with illustrations interpreted as an attack by air at New York City.


Nostradamus foresaw events on recent popes, the short lived John Paul the first, then John Paul the second and the attempted assignations on his life.  Nostradamus also predicts a major shift in the Roman Catholic church under the current pope Benedict the 16th. He claims women will push him out and the church will seek refuge at another location. Nostradamus went on to say that in 500 years the true meaning of his prophesies would be fully understood...that time is now


The film God Man independent of Nostradamus confirms this prediction that women will become a force to be reckoned with and will in fact change the world in the new age of Aquarius, which has already begun and will do so in a very dramatic way.


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