The supreme ruler of the universe is the Light, also known as the Divine One, who is above the Gods residing alone in the monad located above the heavens. Because the light itself was never begotten, it can’t beget in the usual sense.  It can however, mirror aspects of itself, which is what it did to create the feminine principle, in the empathetic Divine Sophia, the Earth Mother Goddess and ruler of the earth.

The management system of humanity established by The Light eons ago employs the Deathless Gods and Sophia to carry out its will.  This system necessitates the employment of regional Gods who share character and personality traits with humans.  These gods are designed to reflect the evolutionary process of genetic psychological development of peoples living in various regions on the earth. The general rule is tough demanding gods for tough demanding humans, living in tough demanding locales.       click to continue

The Age of Pisces

1 AD - Today

The film God Man shines the light on the Light, the Divine One, Sophia, Earth Mother Goddess from Arden Films.

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John W. McCluskey






The Age of Pisces (The Fish)

Approximately 300 BC to Now

A Stand Up/Mega Rock Production in association with Arden Films © 2008, a John W. McCluskey production